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Squatting Rights - August 5th, 2006

About August 5th, 2006

moving t-3 and counting 01:34 pm
Distaster LOOMS on the horizon as I realize how far from ready we are. I've been hampered by needing to babysit contractors at the other house. Painters, electricians, the dryer installer, the list goes on and on. Wait for hours for sometimes a five minute interaction. Argh. The old house has clutter covering all the major surfaces; little things I didn't know what to do with, or needed to be left out because we use them all the time, or I didn't want to pack but donate. I'm trying now to clear rooms of everything but stuff that GOES. I should, however, leave shortly to run and check on the painter. Don is packing my car and doesn't want me to leave until he's done.

checking in again 05:09 pm
We're shuttling in between the two houses like ants, carrying our belongings from the old nest to the new one. Don is going whole hog, I think he doesn't want the movers to touch anything but the largest pieces of furniture (and charge us for a little as possible.) He's moving boxes and boxes of stuff. While we're at the other house, I unpack the few I can, mostly kitchen stuff. I'm not sure what he's doing with the mountain of boxes he's carrying down into his basement office. I might be for a huge surprise when I go down there next, and find all the closets stuffed full with his things. Hmmm, perhaps I should stake out a closet....

Meanwhile, I'm back home, washing dishes and packing them, washing clothes and packing them, packing, packing, packing. (okay, and updating my lj as a moment of resting)
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